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Fun signage to liven up shelves.
Stylish and inexpensive, these clip-on sign holders can fit anywhere you need to relay a message. Holders are made of high quality polycarbonate with spring steel construction for years of use. Double clip holders grip up to 40mm of material and are connected with a ball and socket swivel joint or flexible extender. The Flexible Swivo-clip allows you to twist and turn for easy display and the Double Swivo-clip allows you to position signage in prominant positions.

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Double Swivo Clip Sign Holder - Clear H89XW19mm 405825815 Each
£2.25 (Inc. VAT £2.70)
Flexible Double Swivo-Clip - White H311XW19mm 405826912 Each
£3.75 (Inc. VAT £4.50)

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