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Metropolis Displayers

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Classic design in acrylic and metal.
Neat and stylish range of co-ordinating displayers. Pockets are angled for quick retrieval of contents. The Floor-standing Units come with a stem and base constructed from hard-wearing metal. The trumpet base is fitted with rubber pads to protect surfaces. Pockets are made from acrylic with a perforated design to allow easy viewing.
  • Desk Displayer with three pockets
  • Revolving Tabletop Displayer offering a two-sided display and six pockets
  • Wall Displayer with five pockets on a metal holder
  • Free-standing Displayers with 30 pockets

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
Metropolis 30x A4 Revolving Floorstanding Display Stand 4010551 Each
£279.00 (Inc. VAT £334.80)
Metropolis Desk Displayer - 3x A4 4017019 Each
£19.95 (Inc. VAT £23.94)
Metropolis Tabletop Leaflet Holder 6x A4 Pockets 4010540 Each
£76.95 (Inc. VAT £92.34)
Metropolis Wall-mounted Displayer - 5x A4 Pockets 4010529 Each
£26.95 (Inc. VAT £32.34)

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