Demco® Custom CD/DVD Labels

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Add a personal touch to your labels.
Opt for these customised CD/DVD labels, manufactured in high quality polyethylene. With the name of your organisation and/or sequential numbering, your CD/DVD's are easily and quickly identified. You can also print barcodes, however please ensure before ordering that your security system can read compact barcodes. Printed black on white, these rounded labels offer optimum readability and durability. Please contact Customer Services to order

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Dimensions: Outer dia. 38mm.
Price per pack of 1000 labels.
1 Week
Special Order Item
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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
CD/DVD Labels Letters & Numbers Pk/1000 CLEAR 422022915 Pack
£46.50 (Inc. VAT £55.80)
CD/DVD Labels Letters & Numbers Pk/1000 WHITE 422022912 Pack
£46.50 (Inc. VAT £55.80)
CD/DVD Labels Letters Pk/1000 CLEAR 408762815 Pack
£35.00 (Inc. VAT £42.00)
CD/DVD Labels Letters Pk/1000 WHITE 408762812 Pack
£35.00 (Inc. VAT £42.00)
CD/DVD Labels Letters,Numbers & Barcode Pk/1000 CLEAR 422024015 Pack
£46.50 (Inc. VAT £55.80)
Plastic Roll Label Dispenser 4042088 Each
£44.95 (Inc. VAT £53.94)

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