Cutting Mats and Cutters

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All purpose cutting mats with a self-sealing top surface that 'heals' after a blade has passed over it.
Features four rubber feet to avoid slipping and a pre-printed grid that acts as a cutting guide. Very tough and long lasting. Cutters have a lockable blade with an unbreakable plastic housing that takes eight-segment, snap-off blades.

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
A2 Cutting Mat 4054067 Each
£18.60 (Inc. VAT £22.32)
A3 Cutting Mat 4054056 Each
£10.85 (Inc. VAT £13.02)
Cutter blades Pk/12 4054089 Pack
£9.00 (Inc. VAT £10.80)
Medium Size All Purpose Cutter 4054078 Each
£4.00 (Inc. VAT £4.80)

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