Built-in Dual Drop Book Return Wall Unit

Product Description

Designed for 1-hand deposits with no doors to slam closed!
Two compartments wall-mounted book return. Cart has a capacity of approx. 380 books and 950 CD/DVD and has a spring-loaded padded platform and canvas bag lining to protect and cushion returned books. It also comes with 4x 100mm dia swivel castors with brakes. Book Return Cart is available to be ordered separately.
  • 16-gauge stainless steel external faceplates with clear anti-graffiti topcoat
  • Adjustable chute angle allows for differing ground levels
  • Built-in weather hood helps prevent the entry of precipitation
  • Manual KwikLoc locks from inside the building and has an external locked/unlocked indicator
  • Air Block™ system helps with drafts entering the building when depository door is opened
  • Quiet operation silences depository door banging
  • Chute traps liquids and protects books from weather damage

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Dimensions: Book return H521 x W914 x D406mm; Books chute opening H79 x W457; CD/DVD chute opening H79 x W279mm.
Price each.
10 Weeks
Special Order Item
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Dual Drop Book Cart 4015149 Price each.
£1,700.00 (Inc. VAT £2,040.00)
Dual Drop Wall-mounted Book Return and Cart 4033761
£2,700.00 (Inc. VAT £3,240.00)

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