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How to start a Makerspace...

At the core of it, a good makerspace isn’t about how much money you’ve got or how fancy your tools are, it’s about the passion and drive you have to inspire others to create something wonderful. So instead of giving you a tool list or a list of pricey pieces of equipment you need, we’ve compiled a list of practical things you need to have to create a successful Makerspace.


Creativity - Makerspace

You need to have at least some creativity to be able to help with workshop ideas, as well as helping when people get stuck during activities. Finding new ways to get people involved and creating as well as coming up with ideas that get people excited to get creating.


You don’t need a lot of it, but you do need it. Whether it simply be a table you cover in newspaper and a cupboard to store all your supplies, you’re going to actually need somewhere to create and somewhere to keep your supplies safe. Even the smallest of spaces can be transferred into a Makerspace, all you need to keep in mind is how many people you’re expecting to turn up and giving them enough room to create.

Space - Makerspace

Basic Tools

Makerspace - Tools

You are, in some way or another, going to need to have some small collection of tools so that the people you get turning up can start creating right away. It doesn’t have to be much and it certainly doesn’t have to be new; second hand and donations are going to be your biggest friend here. Starting with the basics like, scissors, pen knife, sewing machines and drills, are a great foundation to build your tool set on.


It might not take off right away, and that’s okay! If you shout about it enough, people will come. You might need to team up with a local school or find a local event that’s happening and handing out flyers. However you can get the word out and get people talking is fantastic but it all takes patience and perseverance. If you’re that passionate about getting people creating and making, then the best thing to do is simply become more determined to get your Makerspace up and running.

Patience - Makerspace


Time - Makerspace

Time is something we all seem to be short on these days. And this is just going to steal more it from you. From thinking about the workshops to setting them up and actually running them, this isn’t something that should be thought about lightly. The time and energy that will go into this is something that you need to seriously consider before setting a makerspace up.