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Resist-a-Flame® Noticeboards

Product Description

Noticeboards with added safety features.
These fire-resistant Resist-a-Flame® noticeboards are designed not only with safety in mind but, with attractive anodised aluminium frames, they are also stylish. They have been tested to the relevant 2002 European 'Reaction to Fire' tests and comply with public area building regulations.
  • Anodised aluminium frame with rounded safety corners
  • Open style noticeboards can be mounted portrait or landscape
  • Tamperproof models have two locks with matching keys
  • Supplied with single or double door depending upon size
  • Top-hinged boards recommended for corridors so that the cover cannot be left ‘jutting-out’, blocking escape routes in an emergency

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Price each.
4 Weeks
Special Order Item
Self Assembly
* Double-hinged door versions.
Prices exclude VAT

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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Resist-a-Flame 1200x1200mm Noticeboard 4013532 Each
£99.95 (Inc. VAT £119.94)
Resist-a-Flame 1200x1200mm Side-hinged Tamperproof Board 4013587 Each
£209.00 (Inc. VAT £250.80)
Resist-a-Flame 1200x900mm Noticeboard 4013521 Each
£79.95 (Inc. VAT £95.94)
Resist-a-Flame 1200x900mm Side-hinged Tamperproof Board 4013576 Each
£199.00 (Inc. VAT £238.80)
Resist-a-Flame 1800x 1200mm Noticeboard 4013543 Each
£149.00 (Inc. VAT £178.80)
Resist-a-Flame 1800x1200mm Side-hinged Tamperproof Board 4013598 Each
£299.00 (Inc. VAT £358.80)
Resist-a-Flame 2400x1200mm Noticeboard 4013554 Each
£179.00 (Inc. VAT £214.80)
Resist-a-Flame 2400x1200mm Side-hinged Tamperproof Board 4013609 Each
£349.00 (Inc. VAT £418.80)
Resist-a-Flame 900x600mm Noticeboard 4013510 Each
£56.95 (Inc. VAT £68.34)
Resist-a-Flame 900x600mm Side-hinged Tamperproof Noticeboard 4013565 Each
£145.00 (Inc. VAT £174.00)
Resist-a-Flame H1200xW1200mm Top-hinged Noticeboard 4035708 Each
£214.00 (Inc. VAT £256.80)
Resist-a-Flame H1200xW1800mm Top-hinged Noticeboard 4035719 Each
£329.00 (Inc. VAT £394.80)
Resist-a-Flame H1200xW2400mm Top-hinged Noticeboard 4035730 Each
£399.00 (Inc. VAT £478.80)
Resist-a-Flame H1200xW900mm Top-hinged Noticeboard 4035697 Each
£204.00 (Inc. VAT £244.80)
Resist-a-Flame H600xW900mm Top-hinged Noticeboard 4035686 Each
£139.00 (Inc. VAT £166.80)

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