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Monaco HangUp® Bags

Product Description

Keep your multimedia organised.
Use Monaco HangUp® Bags to integrate your CD's, DVD's, puppets and books. These 100 micron clear polythene storage bags are available in twelve sizes and give fast, easy access and maximum protection for all your materials. Supplied in packs of 10.

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Monaco Bag No. 3 - H230 x W250mm 4049887 Pack
£8.75 (Inc. VAT £10.50)
Monaco Bag No. 4 - H350 x 250mm 4049898 Pack
£12.80 (Inc. VAT £15.36)
Monaco Bag No. 5 - H350 x W350mm 4049909 Pack
£11.15 (Inc. VAT £13.38)
Monaco Bag No. 7 - H535 x W355mm 4049854 Pack
£11.40 (Inc. VAT £13.68)
Monaco Bag No. 8 - H410 x W305mm 4049920 Pack
£12.30 (Inc. VAT £14.76)

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