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Pam and Ava's Mapping Adventure

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Earth characteristics and mapping.
With this hands-on kit, children look from both Pam and Ava's perspectives as they learn about maps, co-ordinates, and contour lines in a fun and interactive way. Through practical activities students develop an understanding of shape, observation, and design as they map a cycle path to unite the friends.
  • Provides 80 minutes of STEM instruction over four 20 minute sessions
  • Includes a lesson-by-lesson teacher guide, step-by-step student activities, homework tasks, and assessment tools, as well as the materials needed to undertake each activity
  • Develops design skills with hands-on use of engineering steps
  • Facilitates the understanding of challenging scientific and geographic concepts through fun, practical exercises and visual physical models
  • Demonstrates how maps can be used to solve real-world problems

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