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Four steps to makeover your library on a small budget without fully refurbishing

makeover your library on a small budget - Gresswell

A new library or reading corner is a worthwhile investment but with budgets continuously under pressure a new installation or complete refurbishment is unfortunately not always an option. However it is possible to give an old or outdated library a new lease of life with a few simple changes and smaller investment.

‘Don’t move, improve’ is a common approach by many homeowners when economic conditions or personal circumstances make pursuing the purchase of a new home unfavourable, and there is no reason why the same cannot be applied to a public or school library.

A little can go a long way. Take a look at our current library space and assess which elements contribute to the area not looking its best. Also consider what may be missing such as collaboration spaces, informal meeting spaces or flexibility in space usage.

Library walls makeover ideas - Gresswell Walls: For an instant refresh paint the walls. Over time walls get dirty and dull looking, clean walls immediately make a room look brighter and therefore more welcoming. Consider using whiteboard paint to convert a section of wall in to a collaborative space for students to brainstorm ideas or write book recommendations.

Use graphic boards to create a feature wall or brand your library with the school logo. For more information on our graphics boards contact our customer services team.

makeover your library on a small budget - Gresswell

End panels: Shelving is one of, if not the most expensive piece of furniture in your library. Rejuvenate existing shelving with coloured end panels or bay end displayers. Custom sized end panels and graphics printing are available on request, please contact our customer services team for a quote.

makeover your library on a small budget - Gresswell

Soft seating: Soft seating Stools and bean bags are great for informal spaces for students to relax and socialise, as well as adding a pop of colour. Bean filled seating can deflate over time. If the covers are in good condition give them a wash and order new fillings instead of purchasing a completely new unit.

makeover your library on a small budget - Gresswell

Tables and chairs: Mismatched or old furniture instantly removes the wow factor from any space whether it’s a library, office or living room. Save by looking for items which offer discounts when buying in bulk.

A few other things to consider

Flexibility: Mobile units and screening, interconnecting and folding tables, stackable chairs and mobile power towers enable the library to be used as a multipurpose space (talks, workshops, group work, individual study, class sessions)

Power: As learning methods evolve there are demands for further support such as power sockets, mobile device chargers, iPad/tablet loan and storage facilities. If access to power sockets is limited, Power Towers provide additional power, USB sockets, and internet data points.

Collaboration: Flexible furniture and power provision can help facilitate collaboration from a space perspective but also take in to account tools that will help pupils to output and share their ideas such as interactive screens and whiteboards. Partition screens with dlrywipe surfaces additionally provide a degree of privacy.

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