Lightweight Acrylic Library Security Mirrors

Product Description

Acrylic designs are cheaper, stronger and easier to install than conventional glass installation - a safe, easy DIY job. Shatter resistant acrylic mirrors offer excellent clarity and are safer than conventional glass.
  • Round mirror (4015-039/4015-303) - excellent for wide areas, corridors and corners. Supplied with mounting bracket
  • Rectangular mirror (4015-050) - ideal for blindspots. Supplied with mounting bracket
  • Hemisphere mirror (full 4015-028/half 4015-006/quarter 4015-017) will give 360?, 180? and 90? vision respectively. Supplied with dome topped screws for ceiling/wall-mounting: the full hemisphere mirror (4015-028) is also supplied with a suspension kit for high ceilings

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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
1/2 Hemispherical Mirror - 900mm dia. 4015006 Each
£124.00 (Inc. VAT £148.80)
Circular Shatter Resistant Mirror - 450mm dia. 4015303 Each
£109.50 (Inc. VAT £131.40)
Circular Shatter Resistant Mirror - 600mm dia. 4015039 Each
£149.50 (Inc. VAT £179.40)
Full Hemispherical Mirror - 600mm dia. 4015028 Each
£149.50 (Inc. VAT £179.40)
Quarter Face Mirror - 300mm dia. 4015017 Each
£62.50 (Inc. VAT £75.00)
Rectangular Mirror - H420xW630mm 4015050 Each
£153.50 (Inc. VAT £184.20)

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