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The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
The Robox® 3D Printer helps you physically realise your creations from nothing more than plans or CAD drawings. Manual calibration and preparation is not required before printing. Once your design is in place, just choose the quality you need, press print and let Robox’s SurePrint print management system do the rest. Its small footprint and light weight (only 8kg) make it a portable tool and very compact.
  • Build size 100 x 150 x 210mm
  • SafeLock mechanism and shatter-resistant, interlocking safety door to prevent accidental injury. Robox® is one of the safest 3D printers ever made
  • Robox uses Fused Filament Fabrication technology. The computer-controlled, interchangeable toolhead layers thermoplastic material with market-leading resolutions in all three dimensions
  • QuickFill dual-nozzle and needle valve flow control technology for detailed prints. The valve stops material oozing and stringing between parts
  • The Robox® platform supports the most diverse range of materials of any desktop 3D printer on the market and does not lock users into its own brand of filament materials
  • Robox® 3D Printer comes with 1 reel of filament, instruction manual, AutoMaker Software, USB stick and USB cable

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Dimensions: H240 x W340 x D370mm.
Price each.
2 Year Guarantee
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ABS Filament Refill Cartridge 1.75mm - magenta 421024108 Each
£32.00 (Inc. VAT £38.40)
ABS Filament Refill Cartridge 1.75mm - red 421023009 Each
£32.00 (Inc. VAT £38.40)
PLA Filament Refill Cartridge 1.75mm - black 421024101 Each
£32.00 (Inc. VAT £38.40)
PLA Filament Refill Cartridge 1.75mm - green 421024105 Each
£32.00 (Inc. VAT £38.40)
PLA Filament Refill Cartridge 1.75mm - red 421024109 Each
£32.00 (Inc. VAT £38.40)

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