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Handa's Surprise Cut-out Fruits

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Brighten up your outdoor space with these amazing cut-out fruits from the story of Handa’s Surprise! Ideal for use in story retelling activities and story maps. Children will soon start to learn about exotic fruits from south-west Kenya.

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Dimensions: approx H200 x W300mm.
Price each.
2 Weeks
Special Order Item
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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Handa's Surprise Avocado Cut-out fruit 4143310
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Banana Cut-out fruit 4143321
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Guava Cut-out fruit 4143332
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Mango Cut-out fruit 4143343
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Orange Cut-out fruit 4143354
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Passion Fruit Cut-out 4143365
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Pineapple Cut-out fruit 4143376
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)
Handa's Surprise Tangerine Cut-out fruit 4143387
£15.00 (Inc. VAT £18.00)

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