Book Covering Laminate Selection Guide

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Book Covering Comparison

ProductMaterialProduct PageThickness (micron)Core Size (mm)RollsSheetsBacking PaperPaperbackHardback with JacketHardback without JacketKey Points
Vistafoil™ Non-adhesive Polypropylene Buy now > 100 16 Yes     Yes   Yes No residue of adhesive on books; higher clarity than self-adhesive
Vistafoil™ Matt Polypropylene Buy now > 60 15 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Non-reflective - eliminates glare - ideal for charts, maps and posters
Vistafoil™ GB Polypropylene Buy now > 50 17 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Delayed-action adhesive
Vistafoil™ HD Polypropylene Buy now > 100 19 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Delayed-action adhesive; double thickness for extra protection
Vistafoil™ Soft PVC Buy now > 80 20 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Phthalate free PVC (safer and more environmentally friendly)
Clearfix PVC Buy now > 180 48 Yes     Yes   Yes A slipover jacket on a roll! Two self adhesive strips fix the covering to the book
Supaseal PVC Buy now > 175 49 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Delayed-action adhesive
Adjustaroll Polypropylene Buy now > 85 48 Yes       Yes   Cut to fit cover eliminates waste
Vistaflex™ Rigid PVC Buy now > 240 75 Yes   Yes Yes     Delayed-action adhesive; semi-rigid - gives paperbacks hardback and rigidity
Filmolux®609 PVC Buy now > 70 39 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Glossy crystal clear instant adhesion
Filmolux®Soft Soft PVC Buy now > 70 40 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Use for hardbacks without jackets, also magazines and paperbacks
CircExtender™ Laminate PVC Buy now > 80 18 Yes   Yes Yes   Yes Gloss or matt finish, delayed-action adhesive
Adaptaroll Polypropylene Buy now > 70 58 Yes       Yes   Convenient pre-folded edge with self-adhesive strip
Foldon Economy Polypropylene Buy now > 70 53 Yes       Yes   Adjust the depth of fold to fit
Adjustable Paperfold Polyester Buy now > 38 77 Yes       Yes   Large size - 90m rolls
Commando Covers Polypropylene Buy now > 300     Yes Yes Yes     Double laminate permanent sheet for extra protection and rigidity
CrocCovers™ PVC Buy now > 340     Yes Yes Yes     One piece rigid book cover for turning paperbacks into hardbacks


1.       Polypropylene (PP), Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyolefin?

- All the films we use are flexible and stain resistant.

- PP is more cost effective; no chlorine in the manufacturing of PP so it is more environmentally friendly.

- PVC is softer and more tear resistant. It feels better because of its softness.

- Polyolefin is an improved vinyl material that is more flexible to use. It is a non-yellowing, matt film that removes cleanly leaving no residue behind.

2.      Gloss or Matt?

- Gloss gives a shiny new look to books but can reflect or glare under certain lighting conditions and shows finger print marks.

- Matt gives a non-reflective finish and hides finger prints.

3. Which Caliper (thickness)

- 50 micron is economical, thin and flexible, and covers spines very well.

- 80 - 100 micron thickness is a good all-purpose range that can handle the majority of applications.

- Over 100 micron is for heavy-duty use or to ensure very long lasting protection.
At thicknesses, films become semi-rigid and unsuitable for going round sharp radii such as spines, unless separate strips are used.

4.     Delayed-action adhesive

- This adhesive becomes permanent after several hours. The time is dependant on the temperature and the surface being covered. If the surface is fibrous or 'hairy' the adhesive will bond quicker.

- The benefit of this type of adhesive over a standard permanenet adhesive is that it allows the user the remove the film and re-apply if air bubbles form the first time the laminate is applied.

5.     What Size?

- The variety of widths allows the user to select the least wasteful for the size of the book to be covered.

- Longer lengths are more economic for large users of a specific width.