Chair Ordering Information

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BSEN 1 729 is the standard for classroom furniture in all UK schools and is the only valid and current standard for classroom furniture. It is an advisory standard, but if you are involved in the provision of furniture it makes sense to consider this standard to ensure you are making the corrent decisions when selecting products.

How high should my tables and chairs be?

The sitting work height defines the correct seat height. The chart below shows the relationship between age and seat height, and the corresponding recommended table height. Correctly sized furniture is important for back care, and can also help improve concentration levels within the classroom.

Consider also that height-adjustable furniture may be appropriate where tables, desks, or seats are used in multi-use areas.

The standard now specifies six different sizes.

I have existing furniture - any guidance?

Old and new size chairs may not stack together. If existing chairs and tables have colour-coded feet, do not rely on these when ordering new furniture. BSEN 1 729 has changed some of these colours from those in the previous standard.

Further advice on the sizes of furniture can be found at