Slatwall Display Shelves

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Make the most of your space by utilising your Slatwall to the full.
Display Shelves come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and will allow you to display products at various angles for maximum exposure. All Shelves come in clear acrylic and are compatible with all our Slatwall Displayers, Panels and Bay End Panels.

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
Acrylic Shelf - W305xD150mm 4051152 Each
£7.65 (Inc. VAT £9.18)
Angled Shelf 4023795 Each
£9.25 (Inc. VAT £11.10)
CD Rack - H125xW600xD115mm 4014533 Each
£19.60 (Inc. VAT £23.52)
Clear Bookshelf with Ends H150xW600xD150mm 405116315 Each
£19.95 (Inc. VAT £23.94)
Single Acrylic Book Support - H150xL75mm 4014500 Each
£5.95 (Inc. VAT £7.14)
Slatwall 5 Compartment Sundries Tray - H150xW600xD50-100mm 4055970 Each
£39.65 (Inc. VAT £47.58)
Slatwall Display Shelf with Lip - W500xD100mm. Lip H30mm 4054243 Each
£14.65 (Inc. VAT £17.58)
Slatwall Flat Acrylic Shelf with Lip - W300xD250mm 4014522 Each
£9.95 (Inc. VAT £11.94)
Slatwall Narrow Display Shelf - H80xW500xD150mm 4054232 Each
£17.50 (Inc. VAT £21.00)
Slatwall Periodical Shelf 5 Compartments - H215xW500xD120mm 4014467 Each
£46.50 (Inc. VAT £55.80)
Slatwall Trough - H100xW400xD100mm 4019857 Each
£24.95 (Inc. VAT £29.94)
Zig Zag Acrylic Display Shelf - H115xL600mm 4015270 Each
£36.55 (Inc. VAT £43.86)

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