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Solid containers are the perfect storage solution.
These Euro Containers can be stacked modularly with various sizes and are ideal for storage during transportation. All containers are manufactured from high-density food grade polypropylene in grey only. Also temperature resistant from -5°C to +70°C. Container Dolly is available with or without handle.

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
10 ltr Euro Container Pk 5 - H120xW300xL400mm 4229117 Pack
£47.85 (Inc. VAT £57.42)
20 ltr Euro Container Pk 5 - H220xW300xL400mm 4229139 Pack
£61.15 (Inc. VAT £73.38)
22 ltr Euro Container Pk 2 - H120xW400xL600mm 4229161 Pack
£34.65 (Inc. VAT £41.58)
60 ltr Euro Container Single - H320xW400xL600mm 4229216 Pack
£29.50 (Inc. VAT £35.40)
Euro Container Dolly - H160xW420xL625mm 4229249 Pack
£59.95 (Inc. VAT £71.94)
Euro Container Dolly with Handle - H160xW420xL625mm 4229238 Pack
£99.95 (Inc. VAT £119.94)

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