Dewey® Word Cloud Mini Poster Set

Product Description

The brightly coloured, eyecatching word cloud posters will help to inform your library visitors about the Dewey® Decimal system. Available in a set of 10, the posters highlight the main topics found under some of the more common group classifications and are ideal for bay ends. The Poster Displayer in 2mm acrylic is an ideal way to display the posters on your countertop.

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Poster price per set of 10, Displayer price each.
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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Dewey Word Cloud Mini Poster Set 10 4081963 Set
£17.50 (Inc. VAT £21.00)
Poster Displayer H279 x W216 x D110mm 4084702 Each
£7.60 (Inc. VAT £9.12)

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