Colourful Wall Stickers

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Create a colourful and stimulating learning environment whilst promoting letter and number recognition with our Colourful Wall Stickers. Use on walls to mark out your reading corner or on doors and windows to display your class name. Add co-ordinating dots to create even more fun and excitement.
  • Numbers pack contains 48 stickers: 4x numbers 0 to 9 and 2x +, -, x and =
  • Alphabet Pack contains 73 stickers: 1x X, Z. 2x B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, 3x Y, !. 4x U, ?. 5x A, E, O. 6x I
  • Dots pack contains 31 dots of various sizes ranging from 45mm to 229mm in diameter

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Dimensions: Numbers H110mm, Letters H63mm, Dots 45 to 229 dia. mm.
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