Step One - Select your Cantilibra Shelving Units

Why Choose Cantilibra...

Cantlibra Shelving Gresswell

Our best selling library shelving system, Cantilibra is functional and built to last.

  • Strength - Cantilibra shelves are made of steel, so they will not bow even under heavy loads, like many wooden systems can do.
  • Easy Assembly - With just four screws per upright, Cantilibra is easy to put together and quick to change and comes with simple-to-follow instructions. Shelf positions can be selected and changed with ease.
  • Hygiene - Cantilibra shelves are finished with ACTIVECOAT®, a hard-wearing, non-slip, epoxy powder paint. This anti-bacterial technology lasts the entire life of the coating and independent tests have found that there is a 99% reduction in transference of E.Coli and MRSA.

  • Versatility - Cantilibra is expandable and modular, so you can add bays, shelves, end panels and accessories as your library grows. Different heights work for various age levels, but maintain a common look and feel.
  • Aesthetics - Cantilibra is available in colours and heights that suit any environment where all can be mixed and matched: lower heights with brighter colours for early years and more sophisticated colours for older children and adults; whatever works for the look and feel you want to create.
  • Peace-of-mind - Cantilibra is made by us so we can guarantee quality. All components are manufactured under an 1S09001 accredited process, to meet relevant British and European standards.