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Bibliotheca® Tattle Tape™ Electromagnetic Security Strips

  • B1 Tapes are designed for hardcover books, with adhesive on one side of the strip for applying into the spine of the book
  • B2 Tapes have double-sided adhesive for applying between the pages of books and periodicals. Extra-long liner for easy insertion into the gutter of the book
  • Bayonets for easier insertion of B1 tapes

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Dimensions: L165mm.
B1/B2: Price per 1000 strips. Bayonets: Price per box of 10.
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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
Tattle Tape B1 Strips Hardback 4056993 Pack
£185.00 (Inc. VAT £222.00)
Tattle Tape B2 Strips Paperback 4057004 Pack
£185.00 (Inc. VAT £222.00)
Tattle Tape CD Strips DCD-2 4057037 Pack
£169.00 (Inc. VAT £202.80)

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