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Unique eye-catching dice seats ideal for any library or reading corner.
These foam dice have a highly flexible polyurethane coating and are soft, light and completely safe. The ‘closed-cell’ finish is durable and extends the life of the products whilst maintaining softness, elasticity and the textured surface. Can be washed and disinfected with no damage to the surface. Available in three sizes, the large 500mm³ dice is suitable as an adult seat. Medium 400mm³ dice is suitable for adults and children. Small 300mm³ dice is suitable for children only. Three colours available, green, red or yellow.

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Please note, colours will be supplied as requested however on some occasions these colours may be automatically substituted. Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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Dice with ELE' coating - 300 - Green - 9974605 409559205 Each

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Dice with ELE' coating - 300 - Yellow - 9974613 409559213 Each

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Dice with ELE' coating - 500 - Red - 9974809 409561409 Each

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Dice with ELE' coating - 500 - Yellow - 9974813 409561413 Each

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