Demco Cantilibra Shelving

Demco Cantilibra Shelving

A library design classic, made in the UK

Design that stands the test of time

Cantilibra library shelving that stands the test of time - Gresswell

Cantilibra shelving has been designed to function with integrity over a long period of time.

Purity of purpose is what has created the valued Cantilibra look, with a flexibility to achieve the feel you want for your space. Cantilibra is the antithesis of fashion. There are few products, designs or brands that remain relevant and fresh yet relatively unchanged over decades. Cantilibra shelving is exactly that.

The original design by Rudolf Koreska still forms the basis of today’s Cantilibra range. Now manufactured in the UK using the original Danish tooling, Cantilibra has stood the test of time – yet we continue to develop options to keep in step with the demands of today’s library users.

Function. Value for money. Built to last. That’s Cantilibra.

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What do you want from a shelving system? Cantilibra has it

Versatility to create your look
The components of Cantilibra: shelves, uprights and brackets, can be finished in a wide range of colours. They can also be complemented by additional items such as end panels, castors and a range of optional accessories to provide a balance of style and function for your library space.
Classic design, built to last – a great investment
Built to very high standards from top quality steel and with a classic, timeless design, Cantilibra shelving is an investment that will keep paying back over time. In libraries, schools, universities and offices throughout Europe, you’ll find Cantilibra shelves still looking good and working hard after twenty, thirty, forty or even more years.
A sustainable choice
Functionality, appearance and longevity are not the only criteria by which a design can be judged as successful. Cantilibra shelving is manufactured from steel, the world’s most recyclable material.
UK manufacture, safe delivery, easy build
Cantilibra is manufactured in the UK at our ISO 9001 accredited plant and delivered by professional carriers. .Delivered flat-packed Cantilibra is easily assembled with a modular bolt-together design.
Cantilibra Library Shelving System - Gresswell

Attention to detail is what makes Cantilibra great

1. Wide range of integrated system components
Whatever you need to store or display, there’s a Cantilibra component specifically designed to suit: books of all sizes; magazines; files; digital media; archives; historic collections and much more.
2. Modern, square brackets
Our new squared off brackets modernise the look of Cantilibra without compromising its classic design.
3. Steel shelves that won’t deflect under heavy loads
Cantilibra shelves have a maximum load capacity of 60Kg, so even when fully loaded they will keep their shape.
4. End panels to suit any scheme
Choose from our standard range of laminate or painted end panels. Slatted end panels offer increased display space. The choice is yours.
5. Plain shelf fronts
Another modern feature of Cantilibra, sleek plain shelf fronts provide a minimalist look.
6. Durable polyester powder coat finish
The surface of the Cantilibra steel is durable and impact resistant with anti-bacterial qualities in a matt finish.
Book supports
Choice of book support styles available.
Cantilibra Library Shelving System - Gresswell

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