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Aluminium Poster Frames

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Rapid access, front loading poster frames.
  • Smart, aluminium frame with 25mm profile
  • Available in either anodised aluminium or 5 vibrant colours
  • Transparent PVC cover protects posters from damage and dust
  • Easy to mount with pre-drilled holes
  • Lightweight and blends with any environment
  • Easily co-ordinate displays
  • Can be mounted using the screw fixing pack provided, strong double-sided tape or with Velcro® when fixing to fabric
  • Available in sizes A4 to A1. A4 and A3 stocked for fast delivery

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Price each.
2 Weeks
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A4 and A3 sizes stocked for fast delivery
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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Black Aluminium Frame A1 421866701 Each
Black Aluminium Frame A2 421865601 Each
Black Aluminium Frame A3 421864501 Each
Black Aluminium Frame A4 421863401 Each
Blue Aluminium Frame A1 421866702 Each
Blue Aluminium Frame A2 421865602 Each
Blue Aluminium Frame A4 421863402 Each
Blue Aluminium Gripframe A3 421864502 Each
Green Aluminium Frame A1 421866705 Each
Green Aluminium Frame A2 421865605 Each
Green Aluminium Frame A3 421864505 Each
Green Aluminium Frame A4 421863405 Each
Gripframe A1 4057092 Each
Gripframe A2 4057081 Each
Gripframe A3 4057070 Each
Gripframe A4 4057059 Each
Red Aluminium Frame A1 421866709 Each
Red Aluminium Frame A2 421865609 Each
Red Aluminium Frame A3 421864509 Each
Red Aluminium Frame A4 421863409 Each
White Aluminium Frame A1 421866712 Each
White Aluminium Frame A2 421865612 Each
White Aluminium Frame A3 421864512 Each
White Aluminium Frame A4 421863412 Each

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